VTv, 2021

VTv was a surreal and immersive installation that explored the themes of truth, representation, and audience participation in the context of modern media. The piece took the form of a television show, with screens displaying previous ‘episodes’ and AI-generated audiences, combined with live performance and interactive elements such as interviewing Google Assistant. The use of technology and disorientation aimed to heighten the audience’s awareness and prompt them to question their own perceptions of media, were they watching or participating in the show.

The title, VTV, was a nod to the virtual and voltage elements of the installation, as well ‘vagina’ a symbol of power and self-definition. The piece aimed to challenge preconceived notions of what we expect from media, and to encourage viewers to navigate the space in their own way, ultimately questioning the role of truth and representation in today’s media-saturated landscape.

This space was about the atmosphere of hypernormalised otherness that stems from the invisible structures and binary constructs that are still so overtly present in media culture. By looking into these topics, can we find a way to traverse the preconceived notions of what we can expect, towards what we should aim to expect?